Five weeks too long – a 5 week wait for Universal Credit is too long.

6th July 2019

People are being forced to food banks because five weeks is too long to wait for Universal Credit. The Trussell Trust has launched a campaign to end the five week wait. The government knows some people struggle with the five week wait but the changes they’ve made so far won’t stop people needing a food bank. They need to do more. The best way to make sure no one needs a food bank while waiting for Universal Credit is to end the five week wait.

You can join the campaign to end the five week wait here.

Join Together

Everyone who thinks the government should end the five week wait joins together with food banks, charities, faith and community groups to be part of the #5WeeksTooLong campaign.

Build Pressure

We’ll show how damaging the five week wait is, get coverage in the media and take action by emailing, tweeting and meeting politicians of all parties so they know it’s #5WeeksTooLong.

Make Change

When the time is right, everyone who’s part of #5WeeksTooLong will demand change from those in charge – like when the Chancellor makes big spending decisions for the government.

Find out more

Over 14 thousand people and 35 organisations have joined the campaign already. Your voice can make a difference.

Learn more about the #5WeeksTooLong campaign on the Trussell Trust website here.

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