What weighs the same as 15 reindeer?

25th November 2019

We’ve had an amazing few days outside Tesco over the last week. The fantastic Tesco customers have donated a massive 2664 kg of items. We’re absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of people. We couldn’t have done it without an abundance of volunteers from Weston College, Pelican Services and HSBC plus many, many individuals too. So we say a heavy-weight thank you to all the volunteers who helped too. Of course, thank you too to Tesco, because not only did they provide us with space for our collection but for every item you donated they have given us 20% of the value in cash.

Oh, yes, 2664 kg is about the weight of 15 reindeer. Thankfully, we don’t need the reindeer to deliver the approximately 250 food parcels  your donations will enable us to provide to people facing hardship in the coming weeks.



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